Tuesday, July 11, 2006


Those who have read ‘THE ALCHEMIST’ by Paulo Coelho would get the point better.

While one goes through the master piece , the belief and faith in this inevitable truth gradually grows.
We all at some point in our lives must have been inclined to feel that such a thing existed ,may be while observing or even while interfering with mother nature.

In my view , such a concept exists in every aspect of life which gives us the insight of having only one and one computer language only ,for dealing all possible situations regarding this line.
This is the goal towards which , I think , most of the world programmers whether knowingly or not , are heading .
So it’s high time when we realize this truth and work together for discovering this MOTHER of all LANUAGES.

I am not in favour of developing this language with a ‘we need a new single language’ kind of mentality.
U never know , it could be just some adds to an existing language .
The point is that when ever we come up with a new development we should keep this concept in mind and work on that new development regarding this area.

Thinking about the ‘adds to some existing language’ concept , JAVA fits the requirements better than any language.
‘Independent platform’ which has to be a subset of the above concept was the prime motive behind the development of java .
That gives a perfect example of the possibility of such a thing.
Fifteen years back not many would have agreed to the fact that one language could run on any operating system without any specific compiler creating a virtual one at the run time environment.
But java did and in doing so became the leader of its pack.

With the developments of new interfaces which allow more than one languages to be embedded with each other , all are positive signs for our search.
Latest developments like CORBA , JSP and many other all point towards the existence of such a language.
Whats required is a mere insight in all our future developments.
What we have to realize is that these new developments are only the stones with which we have to lay our path towards this ‘ONE Language for ALL’.

IIT Kharagpur

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Anup Bishnoi said...

phod ke likha hai bhai

par sun, java jaisi abhi hai vaisi rehte hue to nahi ban sakti the ONE lang. aajkal baat ho rahi hai java open source hone ki. that'll be the big move.

abhi tak sun was not open sourcing java coz they feared IBM and others with more resources with them would take up java language's further development and sun would simply lose its hold.

but nowadays there's a lot of discussion going on regarding the matter and sun would definitely have to release some parts of the language atleast.