Monday, April 07, 2008

to know abt Toohey , refer

The Tooheys coming into limelight has inspired me to put light on another character involved in this game . Lets call this character X .

This X is a Toohey s creation , no doubt .
Creation in the sense that the power and the position of X which force him into the scene , wouldnt have been possible without the old Toohey s hand over him.

In the beginning , thr wasnt much common between the 2 .
Toohey just groomed his best possible shot at power and X followed him as Toohey s ambitions were a superset of his own .

So , the 1st part of the story ends as X rises to power .
And with him , so does Toohey , as per Toohey s own figuring .

But then the twist .

Even Toohey , with all his experience and canniness , overlooked the point that choosing his best chance amongst the given , he chose some1 with some of his independent self left .

The 2nd part begins , where X forces his ways over Toohey s .

Toohey s reach and powers are limited as X thinks on changing everything that doesnt fit into his thinking , his idols , his logic .
He faces a lot of resistance from the Toohey camp but X fights for the bigger picture .

Meanwhile Toohey remains calm . He waits patiently for the next spin of coin .

And here the concluding part begins , the elections arrive , and X and Toohey once again come face to face , in opposite camps this time .

Toohey being the master in this game , sets about his work .

X tries to follow his own idealistic ways and soon realises Toohey s dominance in his own dirt.

With the time closing on and seeing the probable loss , X loses his self , and retorts to Toohey s ways of doing things .

Of course Toohey groomed him. He knew exactly how the game is played . It was just the question of values .

In the midst of all that was happening , X loses his own idols , plays Toohey for a short while , defeats Toohey in his own game .

X is crowned as the new kingpin .

Smiles all around .

Doubts all around .

" When a man gives up his values, he necessarily gives up that with which he formed them—his own thinking. His life is then empty, devoid of meaning and purpose, and he is incapable of internal direction. "

But mind u , 1 Toohey is down .



Anup Bishnoi said...
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PauL said...

haha :)

no comments :P

RAVI said...

yehi to hota aa raha hai ..mahabharat se leke.. aaj yaha tak .. :) toohey making x .. kaurav making pandav.. x replacing toohey.. pandav overpowering kaurav.. itihaas gawah hai .. kaurav never again came to power.. pandav all the way... it will b x all the way .. :) :) humare biotechnology main ise survival of the fittest kehte hai janab..