Saturday, May 31, 2008

I started with following heroes n heroines.

took a while for the level when i began spotting 'acting' and then the various feels n emotions.

but as most of the learned, but honest, will confess, just when u start feeling confident that the delusion of 'u know it all' is infact a reality, u get the gift of the next 'level'.

many reach the 'delusion dilemma', few make out the difference and welcome the development.

so, then came a stage when i realised who the puppets are and who's the real creator of those feelings.

The art u manifest has your soul, whatever that art might be, it always reflects your soul.

and theatre is an art, has its soul, but to realise its soul, u must realise urs.

then u may see what REALLY is shown :)

Sometimes, u wonder 'are there others in pursuit of the same depth ?'

u observe some having the understanding , but rarey do u open up.

not sure why.

not that u r afraid of being laughed at.

may be u urself arent sure whether the current world, at this moment, really needs it !

but u always ponder about , searching for those who might empathize and possibly pass the message forward.

should be enough for those whom i m writing, rest really are of no concern.

Have been relishing the 'conventional life' lately, which currently in my case can be defined by work-->party-->work .. but finally, after a month or so, got to do what i love the most, and probably do the best.

its sunday, 6am in the morning, just finished the movie 'The Lake House'.

a real artistic display of complex emotions, really awesome direction.

and as most of the greatest of my SEEN movies, this also was a result of the 'peek-a-boo strategy', i unknowingly, unwantedly apply to the movies i have heard gud of, but my 1st impression bars me from giving it a full fledged go.

so i started with BROWSING the movie and jumped to its 75th minute.

the concept is simple: the movie is started at any random minute and the previous missed has to be understood/imagined/assumed.
now if a movie is gud enough to hold my attention if i start it at the 75th minute, then bingo!, u got 1, now its time to see how much of ur sight matches that of the director's.

that stint lasted till the 90th minute i think, then it was the time for the conventional way.

If u see any sense in the shit written above, do watch this one.

Lastly, no matter how much i run away from the fact that understanding a human mind is much more complex,challenging and enthralling than constructing a 'for loop', i still have to construct the loop, for its the only way i can show the world what i know, what i see.

01/06/08 6am

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