Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Human Diary

She writes
waits, in expectation
with a faint smile sometimes,
confused ofttimes.

We all know the 'personal diary'
the ocean where we can dump all,
good bad hates loves worries, all our feels
never refuses, always there with smiles.

But this, a new dimension
a reply, a response, a voice
it always understood our everything
now it can show its caring.

A twist, though
the diary has a life
its own problems, and joys
has a voice, but also the choice

Sometimes, she has to wait
it can do a lot more,
but no more obedient
'a voice with a choice'.

Hence, arise feels
different feels, colors
of our beautiful life.
She could share most, with the old one
but this one,it adds some.

World could never understand 'expectation'
the wait, the frustration attached.
Often neglecting the beauty,
when we do get them matched.

Forming small relations, unlike today s dove
born out of just, infinite trust,
surviving on nothing, but true love
defying all norms, all their must s.

So now she writes
not on a blank page
but on some one s life
some one s soul, some one s gauge.

PS: to my dear most reader, whose mind gave this idea, the concept of a 'human diary', I intended the lines to be entirely fictitious, but couldnt help as Fiction do needs real life inspiration.

Nov 19



hey yaar, that was a wonderful read..
ya these line do reflect real life..

sowmyaaggarwal said...

amazing, human diary, touching and so true.