Sunday, July 11, 2010


So u ll be happy if ur life would ve been perfect
without any problems ?
think about the feeling when we fight like we never had
and change all the predicted outcomes

Is it all about having a smile always on,
forced or fake even ?
what about the value attached to the 1,
which comes after some showers from the button

And is it all about fun,
with no burdens no expectations ?
then what about the satisfaction, the emotion
linked when you are indeed responsible for smthing/sm1.

What abt the the infinite goosebumps u get,
when u do stand up and leave ur own stamp on history ?
or u really think u r 'happy' with nobody noticing/questioning u,
when with each denial, u r just shrinking ur own definition of 'happy'

And lastly is it about having a 100 hands,
all happy smiling clapping for you ?
or is it really about figuring out which of those hands
u ll want to hold on to, when u dont feel like smiling

:-16 Dec 2009)

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