Monday, October 29, 2007

n after a long gap i saw some lines with some weight . 1st parah is a friend s creation . 2nd part is mine . enjoi :)


I Try To Smile In Sorrow,I Try To Smile In Pain..

I Try To Smile When Trouble Pours Like Rain..

I Try To Smile When EVERYONE Hurts My Feelings..

I Try To Smile Coz I Know Its Always Healing..

I smile to the fakes , Not to dears..

I smile to hide my Cry , which No One hears..

I smile for others , Not for thyself..

This fake smiling works or not , I doubt it myself !

24 oct 07


tkb said...

i didn't know u r such a wonderful poet...but don't be a long-run, when u look back it makes u anguish deeply.

paul said...

yo yo yo tkb da ... tx for reading da :)

Dammu ! said...

its our creation :)