Monday, August 27, 2007

~The Lonely Vocalist~

he sang for himself , not for others to hear

to button out the rue , he could no longer bear

he was lonesome , with nobody to fear

felt better , with his insides much clear

he sang ideating her , his only dear

no matter if now , it is a dream mere ..

he sang for himself, n for his only friend

for whom he waited , every rule to bend

was perfect for him , the rightmost blend

made only 1 mistake , one he couldnt fend

one that ruined them , one he could never mend

heard time would heal , the trauma didnt end

so he sings , not for others to commend

but in hope , one day his feels would be send ..

27 aug 07

5 30 pm


I am NN said...

I wish that day comes sooner[:)]....waise Paul da, writing such an emotional poem......Ye baat kuch hazam nahi hui.[:P]

PauL said...

abe sale .. to kya mai comedy likhta hun !! [:O]

waise tx for reading ..

abhishek said...

u conjure up some very beautiful and touching flow of words.bravo!!

Anup Bishnoi said...

kuch hooohhaaa

unexpected :P

gr8 work

PauL said...

unexpected !! [:(] [:O]

sala tareef karega .. wo bhi ro ro ke [:D]

davinci said...


sam said...

one thing that kept ringing my head all along while reading the poem, that, mostly fiction is the result of real life inspiration,was thr any to evoke the beautiful poetic dove outta u?

this one is a surely a master piece!

PauL said...

well u r the 3rd 1 asking this Q ..

but being a poet urself u really messed up the Q in a sense that u made it very tough for me to answer :)

lesser mortals asked " kaun hai ? "

to them i answer wat u mentioned "fiction hai .. BUT fiction is the result of real life inspiration"

do u think sm1 can conjure such lines without IDEATING sm1 ?? !!


n tx ... i was eagerly waiting for ur comment ..
becuase u rarely disappoint me [:D]

PauL said...


wow !!

sam said...

my poems are my pensieves, for they will drown u, as soon as u plunge in, to a world filled wid my corresponding 'factual life incident' and a quick snooping into my mind's irrational yet logical gush of grieved emotional outflow...

they r sort of distributaries that bypass the lethal emotional-poison from blocking my heart's vessels...

sam said...

ok, i wd be very grateful if ur majesty wd satiate the inquisitive lesser mortals, i being one of those, who is she ? ;)

sam said...

huha pic chosen! yo paul!

PauL said...

abe ... !!

wouldnt have i answered that in the 1st place if wanted or rather i myslef knew !! [:)]

PauL said...

han .. pic ko leke mai bahut confused tha .. kafi fight mara iske liye .. [:)]

Dammu ! said...

really unbelievable.. awsome.. cnt blieve dats u!

paul said...


ty sentos dear :)

Liar said...

very gave it a nice sensuous feel and i like the ways it ends.
but paul da...inni soni poem kis kudi vaaste likhi hai???!!! :P

paul said...

hehe ..

fictitious KUDI [:D] ..

ab peace hai ..

waise i have written it in a 3rd persons perspective ... which hints smthing !! :D

Lunatic said...

great work dude.

PauL said...

oye tx susodia dude !!

unexpected new reader ! :D

Anup Bishnoi said...

u're tagged mister!
hands up!

ab chupchap mere blog tak chalo.
tag tag tag dhichkauuu tag tag dhichumm!