Thursday, November 15, 2007


No matter how much we try to FEEL ' keep your life SIMPLE' or watever we might mean

Its really much more complex than what it might seem .

The more one tries to SIMPLIFY without following the NATURAL path as it comes

Steps are SKIPPED and the more COMPLEX it becomes .

Problem is that no one can ever find the 0 point on the complexity scale

Those on lower feel life's LACKING n the upper ones wish for life to once again be pale .

Its the OSCILLATING nature , which is the main culprit

Life is a search for the 0 point , THEORETICALLY at which we can never sit .

But ask any PENDULUM its purpose , ' attaining the 0 point mate '

Let all realise the TRUTH , reaching there it must OSCILLATE .

15 nov 07

PS : warned u before ! :D


Anup Bishnoi said...

this is the best i have seen from u

original se kitna modify kiya tha. agar zyada kiya tha to wo bhi dikhaiyo

paul said...

WAT ??!! :O

seriously !! ... u r strangest person i have ever met .. mai to aise hi likh diya tha !

original se jayda nahi .. just the shuffling of words to make it rhyming .. nothing else