Monday, March 24, 2008

love to travel , specially by a train
the window seat , the view from its pane
the journey is tiring , normally a pain
be observant enough , lots to gain

feel ur LIFE , through those windows
each tree going by , a passing phase
the stations , moments our destiny allows
to step down from the flow , n check the base

the parallel running tracks , never rest
hinting there's always , an alternate way
the driver decides , which 1s the best
listen to the heart , where the direction lay

the lonely dark woods , wherever u stare
the plight of the world , nobody to care
but stare long enough , at any particular slope
u ll see a twinkle , the existence of hope



Anonymous said...

See please here

Anup Bishnoi said...

u've grown

lovely 2nd para

paul said...

eeeeeeeeiiii [:D]

neha said...

a poem wich leaves u with thoughts...thoughts abt d various stations u have cum across in d train of life...nd wat u wud be cuming across in future...!a positive ending signifies dat it is within the vision of a make this journey called life HOPEFULL by xamining closely!!!
"but stare long enough , at any particular slope...
u ll see a twinkle , the existence of hope "


PauL said...


RAVI said...

abe bahut choti hai ye poem .. feel ana start hota hai isse pehle hi khatam ho jaati hai .... kaabeel e taareef to hai hi ... jis tarah se rail yatra se itna kuch liya hai ... sach main ullekhaniya hai ... lekin yatra ke aur kuch pahluo main jhank ke dekho gaur se to aur bhi bahut kuch mil sakta hai seekhne yogya.. is kavita ko complan pilao ... i mean iski height badhao ... baaki air and handsome ki zarurat nahi hai ... bahut sundar poem hai already ...

RAVI said...

errata : fair and handsome.. not air and handsome :D

neha said...

welcum...! ;)

paul said...

uff , thank god punjabi ka bhoot savar nahi hua , hindi ka hua , huh