Monday, March 23, 2009


why do we need dramatic incidents
to shake us out of apathy

why do we wait for a 'loss'
to become a 'force', we all know we r capable of

why and how the 2 recent cases
1. the banning of schols-ave
2. the ban on our 'responsible freedom'
couldnt reach every 'mote' of the force we saw ysday

and if it did, why and how
am I still questioned and blocked at 11pm on Puri Gate

the base problem is same, motes
the surface results are different

more than a 'Damodar Acharya' to realize
we have ourselves to blame, we need ourselves to ignite

22 March, kgp


davinci said...

because in return to whatever they provide us , they have demanded our silent obedience and we have become used to it
i am against questioning why we need such a big incident to shake us, its a very unpractical question
its like saying why isn't everything perfect, its a practical situation that its because everybody, including u, have accepted what has been forced upon you and u are pretty much satisfied with it , its everywhere
so dont blame those who were satisfied till now but still went berserk yesterday
its just that a group of fearful students who were a bit afraid till now, now realized that things have gone too far now

PauL said...

what i meant was, that we should be fighting for the 'right reasons' and not wait for the 'wrong incidents', and that implies fighting for everything thats right and against everything thats wrong, and not just fighting when 'things go too far away'.

davinci said...

first of all what u are expecting is fine, but too much right now for everyone, given the current standards..
actually its because no one cares about things that are not currently affecting them individually....
with a strong force from the students' i know the problem of food will also be gone in a couple of weeks...
but i know that will again happen when someone will die eating unhealthy food, not before that....
the analogy is straightforward