Thursday, March 26, 2009

In love with the IDEA of LOVE

can a person be in love
with the 'idea of love'

not capable of loving some1
but in love with 'being in love'

and if such a person exists
he/she has to be the biggest lover
and the biggest loather of mankind.

PS: complexly random, and incomplete, thoughts/views are welcome from whosoever who can digest such awesome 'crap'.

26 march 09, kgp


Anonymous said...

Hello Nav,

you have left a message at Writers' lounge expressing your wish to join the lounge.

You can leave your ID at the shout box and you will be invited soon..

-Admin, The Writers' Lounge

Anonymous said...

My first time visiting your blog and you blew me away. I think I'm one such person. In love with the idea of love, not a person.

I have been in love before and loved every moment of it. Now it feels like there just a void. But Im trying to fill the void within myself. And not fit a person into it. Bcas, I have seen that it can become disastrous.