Saturday, August 18, 2007


date- 16 dec 2006
time 10 am

I am travelling in a train from kgp to delhi .
In the same appartment is a baby girl , 7 yrs of age , whose hyper active naughtiness reminds me of my childhood .

The more i watch her NATURALNESS , the more i get bewitched .

In the morning , before leaving , i hand her a note .

She tries to read with her parents , but cannot .

So her mother reads her the GIFT .


To Navya ,

Amazing r the childhood days ,
Unique r their mischievous ways .

Given the proper care ,
shapes our character , sets our base .
Free from any worries ,
careless of of any gaze .
Entangled in this world's maze ,
I realise
childhood memories r where my heart lays .

But gone r the days , when i used to be a child .
Used to be exuberant , used to be wild .
Bubbled with energy , never was i mild .
Grief didnt exist , each day i smiled .
Being a grown up , is like being tiled .
Just wanted to show , how i wish ,
how i long , to again be a child .


Navya listened intently n after the end , asked " mummy . kya likha hai " .

I smiled n answered " beta abhi aapke samajh me nahi aayega , n jab aayega tab aap bade ho chuke hoge , like me :) " .

And her mother pouched that note , which i wrote on a SPORTSTAR white page , and we departed .

The above pic needs mention as i had completely forgotten this poem , when this pic caught my eye n instantly a word came out , NAVYA .


6:47 am
19 aug 2007
IIT kgp


Anup Bishnoi said...

i remember :)

PauL said...

[:)] .. hmmm ... waise is se acha comment ho sakta tha

i was thr .


abhishek said...

masto likhta hai be....phod diya
chupa rustam will be the appropiate word for u

PauL said...

thanx be ..

chalo mere blog ke readers increasing !!

I am NN said...

Yes gone r those days....:(
Whenever i see a mischievous child i suddenly remember my childhood.Yo Paul,this really is a tribute to all
Grown ups who miss their childhood.

PauL said...


Dammu ! said...

so true,.... n real... such a hard fact... tuchd my heart.. feelin d same...

paul said...