Monday, August 06, 2007


Read it today on a friend's status message on gtalk .
At 1st i also , like most of u , laughed with a shrug,
" wat in the world is that suppose to mean !! ".
Even dared to ask the guy its entailment . :O

Ofcourse , there wasnt any reply .
That roused my ever so keen interest .
Not concerning my friend's wants n want nots ! ,
But the bewildering statement . :O

Due to various earthly obligations n all ,
didnt really have the chance to digest the msg .
But kept ringing bells even in class ,
And with the prof lecturing how natural RUBBER is formed ! ,
Wasnt long before i had devoted the full attention it rightly deserved ,
" Protect me from wat i want. " !!!

Wat exactly do we each of us want ?
Think HARD n TRUE , without ne wordly constraints ,
n u ll notice 1 common outcome ,
some of ur WANTS would end up giving goosebumps to u ,
create tremors if released publically .

Of course taking into full consideration that ,
whenever our human mind is bestowed with such rare freedom ,
limits , those set by this mortal faux world ,
r crossed .

But still , shud really we ashamed of some of our WANTS ,
shudnt we atleast have the freedom of dreaming abt our WANTS ,
or shud we keep reminding our soul , that we CANT want such WANTS !
thats from where its all cming , this , PROTECT me from wat i WANT .

Y all these rules n limits , surely not created by nature ,
but by us , probably out of insecurity .
Isnt the set of laws provided by nature enough ?
that we r introducing further layers .

N all must be accused ,
all who r following , with or without a fake smile ,
Its high time , when we give these rules a refreshing ,
n follow the only MASTER rule mother nature defined ,
to live NATURALLY .

Until that time , lets share the same thought ,
PROTECT me from wat I WANT .

10 pm


sam said...

thr could hav been some reason behind his statement "protect me from what i want", may be his desires were against his own ethics , sometimes it happens wid me as well, so just trying to generalize his statement!

PauL said...

abey ... wo to hai hi .... but after reading it realised ki ye sabke liye TRUE sa hai

Anup Bishnoi said...

couldn't agree more with the statement on man-made artificial rules. created out of insecurity.
par 'protect me from wat i want' cud also be a mix of fear and courage. courage to want to do something that big, and fear of actually trying to do it.
end mein acha likha

PauL said...

hmmm .. par y would 1 fear of actually doing that big thing .. unless it is 1 of those things i was refering .

Anup Bishnoi said...

arey fear matlab fatna. jaise kal meri buri fat rahi thi tds audition mein :D
darr lagta hai bhai. not real 'darr' as in thar thar kaanpna, but nervousness due to the fact that it is so important for u. but still that fear or nervousness can never deter u from trying for the thing, rather it is only a proof of how much importance u give to smething

PauL said...

acha .. hmm .. nahi yaar .. cant lable that as darr ... nervousness is the word .. waise wasnt talking abt that darr ... this darr originates from the possibilty of accomplishing that thing .. WAT LL HAPPPEN IF I DO THAT !!!! .... tere wala darr ... will always result in strong vibes on imaging the accomplishment .. but this 1 ll will create shivers of fears

sam said...

oho, thr cd be a thing which one wants to achieve while flouting the laws of society,or parents, or intimidating the loved one,it could be anything, which one feels is wrong for himself or other ppl in the end but the person wants it done, this cd be a very temporary phase of life related to relationship matter or professional one!

in anycase, i agree wid anup as well that it cd be a big thing, a big exposure to the world, or a big achievement that involves lots of responsibilities and therefore 'inner' protection is needed as in the support of some type or ressurance that if u fail ntn wd happen or repair work that cd heal the damaged thing !

PauL said...

hmmmm ... serious hmmmm

Dammu ! said...

very good mentos!!!
this one's really so real..
simply too good!
hats off !!

PauL said...

[:D] .. arey baap re !!

dekho tan kisda comment aaya ... n i m so lucky !!


tx yaar .. for reading .. chalo i have 1 more reader apart from these 2 fools ... [:P]

Dammu ! said...

hehhe.. really dis is still d best one i feel