Saturday, April 11, 2009

she loved to smile
but never dared a mile

she loved her kind
but doubted the mind

she, they said, was a loner
but thr was more to the owner

she had problems back then
but she fought them like men

the problems never end
because with them ends the drive(s)
the fight which pushes us forward
which brings meaning to our lives

she gulped a lot
but she learnt n she fought

and now when all learned she is
she realizes how fked up everything is

and she s lost the smile
because of the fight all this while

she s daring more than a mile
but she no longer smiles

she still loves her face in the breeze
i know it, oh cmon please

fighting always meant happiness
generated by its righteousness

we know she s still fighting
she s not broken, nor even sad
but she used to smile n spread her energy around
now she isnt, and thats bad

becz she still loves to smile
she still dreams a mile

Mar 25, 2009