Thursday, April 30, 2009

Finding Neverland

You never find it, do you
The more you think you are on the right path
the heavier is the jerk you get.

You play around with your dreams
until "reality" makes a fresh challenge
and you are forced to start IT all over again,
the quest for finding your neverland.

Its 1st may, 2009
and its the exact same as it was on 1st may, 2008.

It tested me the last time,
it ll certainly test me this time.

I ended up the winner who had lost much,
I wish will end up the loser who ll earn smthing this time.

We never give up, do we
No wonder its called the NEVERland
No wonder, i am who i am,
The Peter Pan in my DreamLand.

kgp, 4:30 am.

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