Saturday, April 11, 2009

she s back to what she was
much awaited, after such a long pause
she was consumed by all the world-ly laws
but her stupid heart found the natural way that was

the bubbling enery is back
so is the frown and her quack quack
she had forcefully piled up her stack
and now its pouring out of every possible crack

the problems stand same as the past
but thats the beauty of life s contrast
we keep hanging to our happy cast
while fighting agaisnt the rest till last

she s at her beautiful best when she lets herself flow
without a care for the world, without a single bow
like the silent smile in her V, and the blabs with her bro
thats the phool we love, thats the dumb we know

Mar 31


Dammu ! said...

i must ask,whoz she???

PauL said...


Anup Bishnoi said...


Nav said...

she s going to be a character of the book i ll write someday.

sowmyaaggarwal said...

whoa! who is she :)

Nav said...

dumb people.