Saturday, July 21, 2007


We r all in search of smthing ,

Whether we realize or not ,

Whether gud or bad .

MOST don’t know WHAT ,

FEW know HOW ,

RARE 1s get the results .

Its them we adore ,

As a search without the door,

The door of resolve ,

Leaves behind the mysteries ,

Begging us to solve .

Yes it’s a SEARCH engine ,

Our mind plus our soul .

Surprisingly the tougher part is the string,

The search string , not the code !

Most r clueless abt the string ,

Few get hold of the code ,

Rare1s end up with output .

May be GOD’s not NATURAL at coding,

For the results r deficient ,

Or possibly we aren’t capable inputs .

Still feel GOOGLE is better :) ,

May be God prefers quality ,

On quantity .

So find the correct search string ,

Decode the CODE ,

Happiness will BOW .

IIT kgp

22 july 07
5:40 am


sam said...



hmmm... if we understrand the code .... we know wat processes take place to find the thing we were looking for ..... and if we know that .... we inch closer to understanding everything abt life ... and we enter better n better serach strings as a result .... which finally leads us to the ultimate happiness ..

(WHEN I AKSED what role does 'code' suppose to play when u get what u were looking for[via the search string which u are able to find]?)

PauL said...

chor [:P] ..... real nice comment waise .... may be the creation is greater than the author [:(]