Monday, July 30, 2007

..................... TO LIVE ANOTHER DAY ....................

There's no net for the past 2 days .... and its frussstness has resulted in this ... pls blame the net , not me :P

Paradox :

Why do we all continue to live for another day n on n on .. till death says " chalo , enough is enough " .

Lets see it differently , we all live for another day ( or say we ll need an extra day if death announces its arrival ) , because there's always something left .
Something which we havent touched , something which we havent felt , something which we havent realised , something which we havent told , something which we havent confessed , something which we havent achieved , something which we havent conquered , there's always SOMETHING .
It seems we all r in search of our ever varying SOMETHING at each n every point of our lives .

So the paradoxial part is , assume a mortal completes his all SOMETHINGs , would he long TO LIVE ANOTHER DAY ? !

Wouldnt our ultimate quest of all quests result in our END ? !

So why would u chose to chase ur all SOMETHINGS , when u know if by chance u manage to succeed , u ll cease to exist as there wouldnt be anything left in ur life to live FOR ? !

repeating : pls blame the net , not me .

Answer : will be updated as soon as i find it . ( obviously i have a head start , as i invented the Q )

lastly : pls blame the net , not me :D


sam said...

well written! but itsnt it natural to chase our dreams? ultimately one success creates the stepping stone for the other desire and the chase begins to fulfil that! this is all we keep doing. 'desiring' and 'dreaming' are required, cos they construct the alibis to live the life, kind of time p[assing thing, this is another thing, that ppl take it too seriously and begin visualising every aspect as 'success or failure of life'

PauL said...

agreed .... but the problem remains the same ... wat if sm1 achieves all his desires n his dream ... theoritically possible .... so does that mean he loses the desire to live on ! .... its really an arbit bakwaas sawal .. but i think i know the answer [:P]

sam said...

enlighten ur fans wid ur answer :)

PauL said...

han beta .. uda le uda le ... k .. i think the loophole lies in the fact that all these SOMETHINGS are alwyas related with SOMEONES .... as SOMEONES never cease to exist ... which is a gud enough guess [:D] our SOMETHINGS can basically never become exhaust .... as soon we r finished with 1 , another props up because of our SOMEONES ... [:)]

sam said...

i agree... thr has to be situations like these to move fwd!

Anup Bishnoi said...

the set of dreams for most people is always bigger than their set of achievements. so they never really end up living, until actual death.

kya move fwd aur kya success failure aur kya to aims and goals. the aim of my life is this moment.
so that every next moment is another dream, and spend it doing what would make that moment worthwhile.

and the basic flaw in the paradox is that all the goals of ur life are being decided pehle se. nope. every moment brings new knowledge with it, and u make more sense of the world with it, and change ur goals aur dreams accordingly. u urself change with every moment, so u cant really stick to a set of goals and keep trying to complete them when u've actually started liking something else now.

PauL said...

my post has succeeded i think in its purpose .. instigating the fact that we must keeping fwd .... success clear from the fact that ALBUS has replied a 3 parah comment ... very nice indeed ... live long n happy .. enjoi

Anup Bishnoi said...

you muggles never understand do u

PauL said...

hihihi ... [:D] .. cmon ALBUS dear ... u dont recognise me .. i m HARRY [:)]