Wednesday, July 25, 2007

...........disgustingly confused...........

confusion is the worst state of mind , i know .
compels one to leave happiness n track sorrow.
its a sick feeling , which ceases one to grow .
thats really the last thing one should ever borrow .

but i know , i know because i m feeling it today .
didnt sleep much last night , college was disturbing neway .
it seems unless i get IT done , everything will just seem grey.
IT is my PAST , the past which has kept burning all the way .

now confusion has a disgusting property as we all know .
u r never sure wats the exact topic of confusion n all this mood flow.
its really maddening as u dont know where to bow or wat to show .
its really a fking phase where u arent sure wat u really want to know !

and then comes the question of wats 'nomral' .
another disgusting taboo which suits me to the minimal .
if u really think behaving normal is COOL , refer .
stationary warning : decoding the encrypted code up there triggers an atom bom .

well y am i confused , the Q still stands .
would luv to skip this , if it were in my hands .
but its not , thats for sure .
thats y i m here , searching a cure .

obviously it has to be related to the ultimate search string .
the string which ll complete ur life , will make u sing .
that true love is the only thing which matters .
alas! thats the reason y my heart s in shatters .

TRUE LOVE , it would a path breaking discovery if man can ever define IT .
yups , this is the source of my confusion which is eating me bit ny bit .
its not the Q of where to find IT or where to look .
confusion is whether u shud find it or wait for IT to get book .

whether u shud dive into ur PAST or dwell in ur PRESENT .
its confusing u know , because ur PAST constructs ur PRESENT .

(phew ! )


sam said...

past is not always accessible, i feel u shd abandon it, if it were to come , it wd come by itself , no need to apply force greater than a feeble thought.
as for present, u cn try to find love, u cant always hope that u wd find love by the virtue of destiny, if u wont try u cn never claim the fruit u hav always been wanting!

PauL said...

hmmm ... but wat if sm years down the line i might think i shud have dn smthing !! ... still phew !!

Dammu ! said...

nice.... realistic....
dnt believe its u mentos!

PauL said...

oye !!! .. eh tareef hai ya taunt !! :D ... waise i only oncu qouted to u " every mentos is a sentos from some part of his inside n every sentos a mentos " ... kyun sentos :P

RAVI said...

arre yaar i think our present consturcts our present .... and there is no room 4 confusion if u take things as they cum...jus take life as it cumes to u instead of going to life....and life is,to listen to wat ur heart prompts....and getover past defeats and "Take Another Chance"....i personally feel confusion starts only when u begin thinking frm 2 sources at the same time ..i mean if ur heart and ur brain wrk simultaneously on a same project[:)] it love 2 ...

RAVI said...

yaar paul...tu kavi kab se ban gaya be..aur vo bhi angrezi wala kavi....aur saale tu aise sochna kab se suru kiya???

PauL said...

hehe .. tx yaar for the comment ... mai to kavi tha hi yaar .. tabhi tujhe bola tha padne ko abhi net bekaar hai .. aake reply karta hun socke .. tx