Saturday, July 28, 2007


Today i realised there r 3 categories of ppl found in this havoc world ..

First hu really dont realise wats the right thing is .. they live in a oblivion of their own , thinking following the peer or the popular existing system , whether suiting them or not , is the right most thing to do , n they mould themselves into the system to suit their personal needs .. 9 out of 10 fall into this category .

Then there s a 2nd category , a slightly better one , but one which is always overpowered by the 1st one ..
these realise the right path , but then if standing for the right thing was a cake walk , then all in 1st category would have landed in the 3rd one :D ..
ppl who found themselves in this group have a intriguing property ... with time n constant confrontation by their peers ... either they give up n slide into the 1st category or they decide that its time to push up the tiny stack of the 3rd category .

And the 3rd one ... suprisingly these r the rarest in numbers but only these r remembered even when they cease to exist ... these realise that there s got be sm1 to stand for the 2nd category people .. sm1 whom these NORMAL people could look up to ... and all in the above 2 categories admire the ones in the 3rd ... and all hope to be like them 1 day .
This world needs more of THESE .Lets try to help our world .


sam said...

i fall in the 1st category!

nice genralization paul!

paul said...

nopes i completely disagree with your majesty .... we all fall in the 2nd category ... n we r ever so pushing for a place in the 3rd :D

Dammu ! said...

me too in 2nd, tryin to b in 3rd smtimz..